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Week 9: Plenary

7 - 13 March 2013
Twitter hashtag: #oldsmooc_w9

This final week will provide opportunities to review your learning and plan any next steps in developing your curriculum and learning design practice. It will be a show and tell week, in which projects which have developed during the course will be selected by the OLDS MOOC community for review. Our final week also falls in the same week as Open Education Week, some of the OLDS MOOC activities have been selected to be part of OEWeek.

The week will be led by Dr.Yishay Mor and all the MOOC facilitators.

Learning outcomes
  • Reflect back on the journey you have completed, your goals and achievements, and what you've learnt along the way.
  • Compare your experiences to those of other participants.
  • Identify questions for further exploration and plan your path ahead.
Thursday to Monday activities
Activity 1: Join the showcase (30-60 minutes a day). We will be looking at the design narratives you posted last week (and other examples of your work), and noting your favourites. Each day we will showcase two design narratives, comment on them, and discuss them with you.

Tuesday activities

Activity 2CONVERGE: 12 NOON GMT Google hangout discussion. We will have a final convergence session, where we will reflect on the MOOC as a whole, what you have accomplished and what has been learnt in the process. This session will also be included in the Open Education Week events.

Wednesday activities

Activity 3: Write your final reflective post (1-3 hours)

What have achieved? What did you get out of OLDS MOOC? Look back at week 1 and the learning objectives you set for yourself. Have you attained these? Or did you learn something unexpected? Where would you like to go next? What questions has OLDS MOOC opened up for you to explore in the future? Add your post to the “final reflections” cloudscape

Do you have any ideas for new initiatives flowing out of OLDS MOOC? Would you like to reuse our resources for an activity which you are leading or participating in? Would you like to link up with other OLDSMOOCers for future collaboration? Share your thoughts in our “beyond olds mooc” cloudscape.

Activity 4: Tell us about your experience of the MOOC by filling in our End of Course survey at

Activity 5: Apply for your final badges! 

Are you an OLDS MOOC hotshot? Click on this image to apply for the Hotshot trophy badge 

Fancy yourself a learning designer? Click on the image to apply for the badge

Have you successfully completed 6 weeks?   Click on the image to apply for the badge

Or 3? Click on the image to apply for the badge

Review your options for getting a badge - how many weeks have you earned and did you gather some useful resources. Visit the badges section to see what you can collect. Some badges give you a chance to approve the award - if you have seen good work from other moocers this a chance to help them get it recognized.

An eLearning Community event taking place at The Open University is planned to be available live as part of Open Education Week. This will include a session about the OLDS-MOOC and its evaluation and will be webcast live.