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Week 2: Inquire

17 - 23 January 2013
We will demonstrate the use of personas (see Nielsen, 2007) and force maps in scenarios (see Mor, 2012), and the ecology of resources design framework (Luckin, 2010) as ways of understanding and designing for learner context. Participants will also share their own ideas about learner context and information about other approaches. You will select from these approaches and apply them to your own design challenges. 

At the end of the week we will discuss contextual approaches to learning design and reflect on your experiences of using them. Finally, you will curate and display your own contextual design work and plan how to take forward what you achieved this week.
Twitter hashtag: #oldsmooc_w2

Welcome to week 2, led by 
Professor Rose Luckin of London Knowledge Lab and designed and co-facilitated by Joshua Underwood, Dr. Yishay Mor (Institute of Educational Technologies at the Open University), and Dr. Katerina Avramides (London Knowledge Lab).

This week focuses on context. What is learner context? How does learner context affect ways learners interpret and enact learning designs? How can we use context in learning design? How can we personalise designs to individual learners' needs and contexts? We will explore some approaches that offer ways of addressing these questions. 

Learner context as potential help (Luckin, 2010)