There are many ways to comment and feedback on the course and discuss it with others:
  • 1. Many of the activities will encourage you to post your thoughts and comments in open areas such as on Cloudworks or your own blog. This is a great way to share experiences and to reflect on the learning design used in the course.
  • 2. You can also feedback directly to the project team using our Feedback form: or use the embedded version below. You can submit feedback anytime: after an activity, after finishing a week, or just when something crops up. We are really keen to hear about your experiences of the course and to hear about what you enjoy, what you have difficulty with, and what suggestions you have about improving it in future.
  • 3. Tell us about your expectations for the course and your initial experience of the course website in our OLDS MOOC Expectations and Initial Experience Survey:
  • 4. Watch out for the major end of course survey in early March which will conincide with a give away of OULDI learning design activity boxes.
We really appreciate your feedback and we will endeavour to regularly update the project blog with our evaluation findings.