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Welcome to week 9!

posted Mar 7, 2013, 2:33 AM by Yishay Mor   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 2:52 AM ]
This is it - the final week of OLDS MOOC. The aim of this week is to allow you to catch up on any bits you may want to go back to, look back together at the journey we've done, and look forward to our next learning / design initiatives.

Most of this week is dedicated to the Showcase, a rolling "show and tell" session. Each day, we will choose two of your narratives and invite all the OLDS MOOC community - facilitators and participants as one - to review them (by the way, here's an opportunity to earn your reviewer badge). Some of these will be designer narratives, telling the story of your learning design project. Others will be learner narratives, telling your story as a learner. Either way, we invite everyone to comment on the showcased clouds, and we will also start a thread in the open group to discuss any emerging cross-cutting issues. You can also use #oldsmooc_sc to tweet / G+ about the showcase activity.

On Tuesday we will have our convergence session, which will also be included in the open education week programme. Details will follow.
On Wednesday we will launch our end-of-mooc survey, and we will be presenting some initial thought about OLDS MOOC at the OU's eLearning Community event, which will also be broadcast as part of open education week.

All the resources, pages, clouds and cloudscapes we created will be available for as long as the servers live, and we are very happy for you to remix and reuse anything you find useful (but we'll be even happier if you tell us). The open group will stay open for some time. But more about life after OLDS MOOC next Wednesday.