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Welcome to week 4

posted Jan 31, 2013, 1:26 AM by Rebecca Galley
The discussions over the last three weeks have ranged widely over the issues related to learning design. Our plan was that by this stage, if you had been following the imagined process, you would have assembled the makings and intentions of what you would like to design. This week's activities bring you to the business of articulating that design.

For many participants that prior work may not be complete - and certainly not if you are only just joining the course. But one of the most important features of the design process is that it is iterative. And creative. It may begin from the urgent need to fix an existing teaching-learning problem, or from a wild idea that you'd just like to try and shoehorn into a highly constrained context. But however it begins, the process will iterate through the cycle of design-test-redesign-test-redesign... So you can start from here. If you don't have a design idea emerging from last week, you will have a learning design you have already used, or one you were already working on. And you can begin by articulating that, see how it goes, look back at the ideas and discussions in the previous weeks, come back to your learning design and remodel it completely - that's fine.

One other very important part of this week, though, is the sharing of design ideas. The tool you will be using, the Pedagogical Patterns Collector, aims to make that sharing process work. It's what we might call 'a convivial tool':

"Convivial tools are those which give each person who uses them the greatest opportunity to enrich the environment with the fruits of his or her vision" (Illich, 1973: 21).

It's a nice description of this kind of MOOC, but it could also apply to the way we use tools like the PPC to express and exchange our design ideas.

There are three of us running the week - Diana Laurillard, Steve Warburton and Niall Winters. We look forward to seeing your ideas, thoughts and comments - and will try to answer questions. The questions being posed by this community so far are pretty daunting, but we'll do our best! And we hope you enjoy the week

Diana, Steve and Niall