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Week 8 Summary

posted Mar 6, 2013, 4:33 PM by Yishay Mor
Week 8 is nearly over, and the final week of OLDS MOOC around the corner! More about that in a separate email, but for now - a quick recap of the passing week.
Your design narratives keep flowing in (, some of them drawing in significant interest ( and some experimenting with new formats ( At the convergence session yesterday someone asked if "they missed the train for writing their narrative" - most certainly no! In fact, you haven't missed the train for contributing to the dreambazaar if you wish to, and we will try to keep an eye out for evolving discussions over the next few weeks. As for the design narratives, we will soon select two for tomorrow's showcase, but you can still contribute (and may be selected) for later next week.

The other main activity for this week is also still in progress, and might even be gathering steam as we speak. The Larnaca Declaration debate ( is raising questions about musical notation, the role of institutions vis. Learning Design,
design vs. orchestration, and Instrcutional Design vs. Learning Design.

Finally, we had a great convergence session yesterday ( with among other things, we discussed improvisation - in teaching and in learning. To demonstrate the point, the "fishbowl" participants had to improvise and host themselves every time the OU team disappeared due to technical glitches.

You may not have noticed the optional activities. If you're interested in visual representation of learning design, check out the Wollongong LDTool activity ( if week 4 got you interested in design patterns, have a look at the WebCollage activity (

Next week will be dedicated to collaborative reflection and wrapping up. We will have a showcase, a convergence session, and a public talk which is part of open education week. And in case you are already thinking about where to take your OLDS MOOC experience next - there's a cloudscape for that (!