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Week 7: Summary of first 2 days

posted Feb 23, 2013, 2:28 AM by Yishay Mor
Maybe you're still reading the paper, or maybe you're recovering from last week. So far this week has been a bit slow. We wonder why. More on that below, but in the meanwhile kudos to the early birds:Tiffany tells of her experience in conducting a peer review of a learning resource she developed ( and explains how she chose and guided the reviewers.
Jane shares her experience in using the GesSCI framework for evaluating a learning module for student teachers ( Her evaluators were content experts and learners. The GesSCI framework is an interesting tool, which we didn't know of - so thanks Jane! Will you add it to our toolbox (
Jeff uses Gagné’s Nine Events of learning do formulate a list of evaluation criteria for a sustainability MOOC (
Just to wake you up a bit, here's a question for you to debate: is evaluation the heart of learning design or a tedious chore?

If you have an evaluation experience to share, please do. But if you're in catch-up mode proceed to the next tasks - list your evaluation questions, and start drafting your evaluation plan!

Tom and Yishay