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Week 5 weekend

posted Feb 9, 2013, 9:51 AM by Marion Manton

We are now a few days into week 5 and there is some discussion about the weather, insomnia and even prototyping on twitter under the #oldsmooc_w5 hashtag. People are starting to share their prototypes and thoughts on prototyping on the Prototyping: Sharing and discussion Cloudscape, Peter Miller is taking a jack of all trades approach, but focusing on the important stuff, what students do. Will Pollard, is starting to prototype instructions for YouTube Remix option, which I would suggest is putting him ahead of the game for next week and OER. While Helen Crump, and Jane C are thinking about course site’s and homepages which will resonate for a lot of us.  Do check these out and any others that emerge and comment on those you feel the urge to.