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Thursday Showcase: Serendipity and the learner experience

posted Mar 7, 2013, 2:56 AM by Yishay Mor
The first two design narratives we will be showcasing are Helen Crump's and Jane Challinor's learner narratives. See also Helen's learning journal and Jane's portfolio.
Tomorrow we will be looking at designer narratives - which tell the story of a project you worked on. But today we decided to start with the learner experience of participating in OLDS MOOC. You might find that these stories resonate with yours, or that they appear to be about a different MOOC than the one you took. Indeed, it is interesting to see two participants who have worked together, and yet they report on such a different experience. But we believe that like us you will appreciate the openness and honesty of these accounts.

So please, comment on their clouds - and discuss any emerging cross-cutting issues in the open group.