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the right stuff, at the right place, at the right time

posted Jan 13, 2013, 4:27 PM by Yishay Mor
There's something quite fascinating about running a MOOC. But there's also a challenge: it's massive, it's open, and it's online. Which, when you aim for semi-structured, project-based, collaborative learning - can be a mess.

So here's the rub:
We are posting lots of stuff to lots of places. If we don't post the right stuff to the right place, this MOOC is going to turn into a huge pile of spaghetti. 
First, open discussion group. One rule: if you're continuing a thread of discussion - keep the subject line, if you're opening a new topic - give it a new and appropriate subject.

Now, the activities so far.
This week, as we said, is about initiating your projects and forming your teams and study circles. The workflow is simple:
2. set up your personal workspace

Apart from step 1, which asked you to post a greeting to the discussion list, each one of these pages has a cloudscape embedded in it, and you are asked to add a cloud to this cloudscape. DO NOT add your cloud to "any old cloudscape" just so it doesn't get lost. It is critical that "dreambazaar" clouds are in the "dreambazaar" cloudscape, team clouds in the team cloudscape, etc. Otherwise, we will simply not be able to find or understand a single thing.

We realise that, as often happens in eLearning, you're confronted with a triple learning challenge: you need to get to grips with new knowledge, through a new pedagogy, supported by new technology. A bit like learning to juggle machetes while riding a unicycle. So no wonder you might find it tricky. But try to stick to the plan above, step by step, and you'll be fine.

This is really an important part - so we're making the "brainstorming" activity optional. First, get your project, team and study circle sorted. Then, come and have a chat about the meaning of learning design.