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The OLDS MOOC Daily: Day 6

posted Jan 15, 2013, 4:52 PM by Yishay Mor
Today was the first of “convergence” session: a Google hangout broadcast via Youtube, combined with a vibrant discussion on twitter. If you missed it or wish to view again, it is available as a recording: Some of the themes that were discussed: the challenge of forming teams and study circles and some participant initiatives (see:, open vs. closed platforms for MOOCs, the role of OERs (wait for week 6!), non-HE MOOCs (see: and the role of narrative in learning design (coming up next!) and camping in New Zealand (

We asked you to focus your efforts on task and study circle formation, and indeed only a minority found the time to engage with the brainstorming activity ( A brave few tried their hand at editing the mindmap but nevertheless the brainstorm that took place in the open discussion topic “what does learning design mean for you?” produced some very rich ideas. Having listened to Yishay’s presentation at the start of the week, we suggest you review the mindmap and combine this with other sources listed on the activity page, to get a good sense the fundamentals of Learning Design ahead of tomorrow’s reflective activity.

To tie up the week, we want you to write down your story of OLDS MOOC so far. The role of narrative in design will be discussed next week, but intuitively I hope we all acknowledge the incredible power of telling stories in constructing and sharing knowledge (think: Bruner). Once you’ve published your story, as a cloud or a blog entry and shared it in the “reflect” cloudscape - you can submit it as evidence for your first badge!