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The OLDS MOOC Daily: Day 14

posted Jan 23, 2013, 5:39 PM by Yishay Mor   [ updated Jan 25, 2013, 7:37 AM by Anna Page ]
No way we can do justice to week 2 in this summary so we are not going to try. Sleep and quiet are required to digest, reflect, synthesise and learn. After that we’ll share what we learnt.

For the moment a few of your own reflections:

So, yes that is what we didn’t ask you to do. It’s good to have tools to help you look at and expose your understanding of context. But use them to enable dialogue with learners and participation in order to create shared multi-perspective understandings of what learning contexts are and what they could be.

And now it’s bon voyage from (most) of the week 2 team. It was exciting and rewarding to observe your attempts to deal with context, to follow the deep discussions on the open list and read some great blog posts. We know that some of you are still catching up. That's fine - you can always revisit the cloudscapes later, add any work you've done and comment on your peer's clouds.

Week 3 starts tomorrow - led by Gráinne Conole and co-facilitated by Rebecca Galley. This week will expose you to a range of representations that will help you to conceptualise, share and critique your initial designs. But we'll let Gráinne and Rebecca tell you more about that in the morning. One more week, and you can collect that 3 week badge!

Josh, Yishay, Katerina, Rose

- Paul, there is no approved route, the road that goes where you want is the one we want you to take.
- Yes, Lesley a badge for tenacity is a good idea, any more?
- Thanks Ida for compiling the contextual learning design ideas here & here