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The OLDS MOOC Daily: Day 10

posted Jan 19, 2013, 4:46 PM by Yishay Mor
This weekend’s activities aim to help you explore approaches to context and use these to help you develop your project ideas. If you aren’t too sure how to get started try using our examples for Personas & Force Maps, or the Ecology of Resources, or for Scenarios try looking at what other participants have done.

Some participants are “finding it interesting and doable” and coming up with “ideas for developing a design through exploring context, using scenarios and personas”. While others are finding suggested pathways too prescriptive or unworkable, though still participating and making their own routes. Some don't mind being "with the few that do their own thing" and are presenting and using other context models, which is great. As we said last week - the structure is a recommendation, for those who find it helpful. The activities are meant to be self-contained, so that you can remix them and make your own paths.

One new participant notes to self: "Next time you sign up for a MOOC, spend some time thinking of what you more precisely want to get out of the study and how much time you want to spend". There is an echo of this advice in the pre-briefing built into a scenario being develop around a mobile learning MOOC project. There are several more interesting scenarios waiting for your feedback.

The issue of roles in design emerged as a topic in twitter, and lead to some discussion and the use of Lucidchart to start mapping out design roles. Bethany Bovard @tektrekker read the Ecology of Resources framework as the designer role subsuming the learner. Maybe this is because one aim is to help learners design their own learning context?

There is plenty going on and there are a wide diversity of opinions.

We look forward to seeing how things develop through the rest of the weekend and beyond.