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Sunday showcase: back to us..

posted Mar 10, 2013, 6:00 AM by Yishay Mor   [ updated Mar 10, 2013, 5:05 PM ]
Today's showcase is a bit unexpected. Or maybe not. Given that this is a MOOC on learning design, it's not surprising we have quite a few experienced and highly critical educational specialists on board, some of which are very articulate in expressing their feedback. Bob's blog comes to mind as an example.

Some of the design narrative were in fact closer to an evaluation of our learning design than a reflection on your's. Fair enough. We did highlight evaluation in week 7, and did suggest that when you review someone else's design - both of you learn from the experience. So for today's showcase we chose Itana Gimenes learner narrative (and learning journal) and Helen Crump's blog post. Helen even went as far as submitting this blog post as evidence for her reviewer badge...

Needless to say, you're still invited to continue discussing the previous showcase items, and of course - share your own narratives. We're particularly interested to hear about your projects. Of course they are still in draft form, but that's what makes them interesting, and what would make any feedback you receive more valuable.