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Summary of groups and things to register for in advance

posted Dec 20, 2012, 6:35 AM by Anna Page   [ updated Dec 28, 2012, 1:50 AM by Yishay Mor ]
We’re using various different platforms and social media sites for the OLDS MOOC, so for the avoidance of confusion, the main ones are listed and explained below:

The OLDS MOOC website weekly course pages

Each week has its own page which contains all the learning objectives, activities and links to resources which you will need for that week.  Many of these activities are on Cloudworks.


As explained in Rebecca’s post about Cloudworks this platform will be used throughout the course as a base for many of the activities and resources, so if you wish to contribute to particular activity discussions you will need to register for Cloudworks. (please note that over the Christmas period there will be no technical support available for Cloudworks, so if for any reason you have difficulty registering, we'll get back to you in the New Year).

OLDS MOOC group on Google

This is the announcement group and is where the partners post announcements about the MOOC.  You can view all the messages on the OLDS MOOC website without registering, however to receive the messages to your email without having to periodically check for announcements, we suggest you register for this group.

OLDS MOOC open discussion group on Google

This is a completely open group which you can join without anyone approving your membership.  It is where you can discuss the course and activities as well as ask for advice from others in the group.  We will monitor it for any spammers or inappropriate comments.


We will be using Bibsonomy to share links and references. You can also use bibsobomy to share your own mooc-related posts on blogs, sites and social networks. Use the oldsmooc tag for anything of general interest, and  oldsmooc-wn for tagging any resources relevant to week nYou can join the OLDS MOOC bibsonomy group, if you want to mark links and references as relevant specifically to the MOOC, and interact with other MOOC participants using bibsonomy. 

OLDS MOOC project blog on the website

This is where the OLDS MOOC partners post news, discussions and progress reports which are more detailed or involved than simple announcements.  You may wish to subscribe to posts

Some other social networking platforms we plan to use are:

  • OLDS MOOC at Google+
  • OLDSMOOC on YouTube
  • OLDSMOOC in Slideshare
  • OLDSMOOC in Twitter
You can read more detail on the tools-networks-communications page.