Dear Participants, here is the summary from day 1.

 With over 1000 people signed up one might expect lots of activity, and indeed we have not been disappointed. With around 300 postings in the open discussion forum alone, it’s clear that we are a truly international group who are willing to share a huge amount of expertise from many perspective and corners of the world.

 Today was about introducing yourselves, ‘nosing’ around and setting up your sites for activity. Many of you also decided to get stuck in and start discussing topics. Its clear we are collectively interested in the MOOC phenomena itself. In answer to the question, ‘What do you hope to get out of this MOOC?’, there were over 50 responses which we dumped into a wordle (below) for a ‘quick and dirty’ evaluation.

Wordle showing the key themes emerging from a discussion about what people wanted to get out of oldsmooc. Most prevalent are the words MOOC, Learning and Experience

 It seems you are not here for the badges or certificates, although one participant did elegantly express interest in the ‘hot-shot’ badge! Learning about design issues and the experience of working with others were clear front-runners.

 We have also located almost 30 blogs that have referenced the MOOC, and Peter has scooped these in a single place together with a brief commentary about each. These can be found at : 

 One question for our MOOC community then is whether we can turn this away from an interest in MOOCs in general to solving the problems that teachers are grappling with – the essential subject of this MOOC.

Following a brief maintenance schedule this morning, it’s good to see so many of you setting up clouds in Cloudworks in preparation to develop your ideas and share with others. Tomorrow is time to start thinking about your project and joining with others who have similar interests.

 There are a number of ways to attract others to your ideas; by searching in Cloudworks, the blogoshere, or Twitter (using the hashtag for week 1 which is #oldsmooc_s1;  or by replying (and not creating a new topic please!) to the topic [subject line] Setting up study circles and teams. This is located in the open discussion forum.

 Our final comments celebrate our wonderful participants. There were so many that made brilliant quotes but we would like to share the sheer enthusiasm of Arthur Oglesby who wrote “I am so excited by the MOOC concept, that if properly designed could scale to world changing proportions”.

 Bring it on….


Peter, Yishay and Simon.