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Some news from day 11

posted Jan 20, 2013, 3:41 PM by Joshua Underwood   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 4:13 PM by Yishay Mor ]
Sunday afternoon seems to a productive time for some. We came across many interesting reflections: 

Jenny Mackness questions whether we should “simply accept that MOOCs are ‘sink or swim’ environments” echoing an earlier twitter conversation. Particularly Jenny asks whether more could be done to help people find and form project teams. This is also a key issue for new arrival Paul Jinks, joiner of many MOOCs and proud completer of one, who says “I felt like a new kid in a playground where everyone was busy with unfathomable stuff. I was going to have to meet some like minded people if I was going to stick it out.

Project teams have formed and are finding ways to work together, the digital literacy team resources are a good example. Maybe the recently set up Facebook OLDS MOOC group will better support “the social glue” useful in group forming? Perhaps, future elaborations of Chris Teplovs ‏@cteplovs semantic maps for #oldsmooc will help us (all) locate and connect ‘social’ outliers and better support group formation?

There are still many frustrated by Cloudworks, the multiple platforms, and the course outline. Maybe Art Oglesby’s map helps? Others (Bob Ridge-Stearn) are “not giving up or opting out, I’ll just continue to bend to the course and bend the course to extract from it what I need.” Iwona says “my #oldsmooc is what I make of it by setting my personal goals & taking charge of my learning” and offers good advice for others who want to take control.

Deeper within the OLDS MOOC people are still discussing context, exploring differences between ‘situated learning’ and the Ecology of Resources, and starting to try out and discuss the Ecology of Resources approach. Others are working on personas and revising their scenarios, thanks to your feedback. Keep it coming. There is also a thought provoking conversation around the relevance (or not) of (external) context to learning design. And continuing conversation around the distribution of design across roles and between designers, orchestrators, or performers?

The next three days are for discussing, sharing, and refining your ideas about context and ways context may be understood and used in your learning design projects. So, you can keep on trying approaches, refining scenarios and mapping out context for learning design. Do do the activities you think look useful, in the order you want, when you want, in the way you want and share what you do.

As one participant noted, “there is too much to assimilate in a week”. Hopefully though, some useful seeds have been sown and you will drawn to come back and nurture them.

Remember if you want to ask questions for the Tuesday 12.00 convergence session or join the hangout let us know on this thread of the discussion forum.

If you spot stuff for the next daily tell us about it on the highlights thread.

Josh, Yishay, Katerina.