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Saturday Showcase: MOOCing about

posted Mar 9, 2013, 3:41 AM by Yishay Mor
Good to see more design narratives popping up, such as Kelly's learner narrative and Sandie's designer narrative of a learning design course for FE teachers. Keep them coming - and give them feedback!

Today's theme is "MOOCing about". Quite a few of you joined this MOOC out of, let's be honest, an interest in the MOOC phenomena. And in the spirit of "learning by design", we're seeing a few projects which are aimed at designing MOOCs or MOOC related learning experiences. Today we've chosen to showcase two of those: Penny Bentley's #MOOCskills Project (and her animated design narrative) and Tiffany Crosby business psychology MOOC (note the links at the bottom of her narrative).
Both of these design narrative provide a nice sample of their design outputs - so there's a lot for you to review and comment on. But it would also be interesting to hear more about the process - how did Penny and Tiffany arrive at their design? Did they use the OULDI cards? The PPC? Personas? Ecology of Resources? Did they find and remix OERs?

Ask them..