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Friday Showcase: real world projects

posted Mar 8, 2013, 3:56 AM by Yishay Mor
Thanks to everyone who has commented on
Helen and Jane's narratives. You can still continue the conversation there, and on the open list. You don't all have to be so polite - ask them some hard questions! demand to see their designs! 

Interestingly, most of the narratives we have are what we call "learner narratives", i.e. recounts of your journey as participants - rather than "designer narratives", which tell the story of your project. So today we choose two of the latter kind. Ida Brandão's OER tells about developing a Module for teacher training, and Peter Miller's is developing activities in OpenSim for MA students (you can also look at Ida's learning journal and Peter's portfolio).

One of the personas that we worked with when designing the MOOC was an individual who is already working on a project, and brings that project to the MOOC. This has advantages and drawbacks, as these narratives demonstrate. Do have a look and respond to them. Be supportive, but be critical and inquisitive - if you would like to hear more details about their projects, and how OLDS MOOC tools and activities contributed to their design, ask!

And of course, its not too late to add your own design narrative or comment on and favourite others. In particular, please post your designs (in the form of design narrative or otherwise) so that your fellow participants can review them - you'll get feedback, they get a badge.