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Day 16 summary

posted Jan 26, 2013, 6:28 AM by Rebecca Galley
I think we're on Day 16 - please correct me if I'm wrong! (I feel like I'm writing a field diary on a long and extremely eventful expedition)

Week 3 focuses on Conceptual Learning Designs (CLDs) - used to promote ideas and design thinking. From Thursday folk have been sharing their current approaches to design onCloudworks and in the open forum. It is interesting to see the variety of approaches we employ - some start by defining the learning outcomes, others focus on what they want the students to learn; alternatively people might start by considering the type of content and activities. We think this demonstrates our view, that there is no one definitive way to approach design and it emphasises that design is a creative, messy and iterative process. 

Some participants have started working through some of the CLDs, in particular the Course Features, Course Map, Activity Profile and Storyboard.  A number of people commented that they found the Course Features particularly useful. We've piloted these cards quite widely and they really do seem to enable designers to think about the vision for the course; the essence of the course in terms of core principles and pedagogical approaches, which leads nicely on to the Course Map. For interest, we've added some videos of the OLDS-MOOC design team using the cards to block out some of the key aspects of the MOOC. The following two videos are from just one of the four workshop teams: Video 1: Team 1: During activityVideo 2: Team 1: Summary.

Some participants also stated that they found the slidecast ‘The 7Cs of Learning Design’ really helpful in terms of putting things into context and providing an overview of how all the different designs fit together. Later on this week you will get a chance to start building your own toolkits.

The concept of 'Vicarious Learning' (which originally was defined by Bandura and later adapted by Mayes) was picked up by some participants as a useful pedagogical approach, i.e. the notion of learning through other learners’ understanding of concepts. Terry Mayes in particular has looked at how technologies can be used in this context, for example through the use of videos. We are looking forward to seeing the designs participants come up with! 

We are already starting to award Resource Gatherer badges - indeed, lots of new resources have been added to the Learning Design Toolbox  @sheilmcn even admitted via Twitter to finding the badges 'strangely motivating'...We'd love to hear from more of you about how you are finding the badges.

Have a happy weekend!

Grainne and Rebecca