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Day 12

posted Jan 21, 2013, 8:39 PM by Joshua Underwood   [ updated Jan 22, 2013, 3:09 AM by Yishay Mor ]
Summary Monday 21st

“I am exhausted! The learning is wonderful but extremely taxing.” Chris Basson’s thoughts on week 2 could have been mine. Today I was pleasantly lost in the Clouds for hours. I came across Lesley Shield’s wonderful learning journals, which are full of learnings: the competition of reputation (check yours under your name on your Cloudworks profile), the divisiveness of synchronicity, and more. That reminds me, tomorrow we have the Google Hangout to discuss week 2 and
context at 12.00 GMT. Watch the feed here and ask questions on twitter #oldsmooc_conv or on the discussion thread.

Anyway, what I was really looking for in the Clouds was what people have done in week 2. There are now around 40 scenarios, personas and uses of the Ecology of Resources framework for: an online graphic design course; a business psychology course; a mobile learning MOOC. There is a lot more too, but it can be hard to find. You can help by tagging clouds & cloudscapes oldsmooc-portfolio (use “Add a tag” in the right hand column). That might up your reputation, perhaps ;-)

On twitter there other ways to up your reputation and game the OLDS MOOC, but you don’t get badges for that! Maybe you should? Surely that’s a digital literacy? Have a look at the badging strategy and tell us what you think there should be badges for.

Elsewhere people are making their own sense of context, on the mindmap and on the discussion thread: “(design context: our institution, establishment) (teaching context: classroom or online learning environment) (learning context: private, personal, at home or office) are not connected but will be eventually, although loosely and disconnectedly”. Hmmm, see Seamless learning perhaps. Discussion of learning design also continues: “For me, learning design is ‘learner’ design.  The learner defines the goals for learning and seeks out the requisite learning objects, activities, people, experts, research, colleagues, courses and communities to design meaningful learning”, and meets context: “learning design is about taking in the context of a learning situation as fully as possible".

Today you might:
  • Carry on thinking about context, using contextual methods, and developing your design ideas
  • Spend some time making your stuff more visible (tag it oldsmooc-portfolio and/or learn from @sheilmcn)
  • Look through and comment on what others have done in week 2
  • Join the discussion  live at 12.00 GMT or whenever you like on the discussion forum.

Josh, Yishay & Katerina