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Au revoir from the week 3 team

posted Jan 31, 2013, 2:29 AM by Rebecca Galley
Week 3 finished on a highlight with yesterday's Google Hangout. Thank you to Anna and Patrick for facilitating and Cris, Penny and David for giving us a much valued participant perspective! It was great to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ some of the MOOC participants and we had a really rich discussion the hour just flew by! We started by discussing the 7Cs of Learning Design framework and getting people’s views on it. The general response was positive, people found it a useful way of putting things in context. We also discussed some of the Conceptual Learning Design views – the course features was particularly commented on favourably. We then summarized the discussion re creativity vs. precision and Penny provided some nice examples of her own practical approach in the classroom and the importance of bringing teaching alive through real life examples. We went on to discuss the Larnaca Declardation which we will return to in week 8 and concluded with a discussion on the pros and cons of badges.

We hope you enjoy the next few weeks and we will see you again soon,

Grainne and Rebecca