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Research and Ethical use of data

The OLDS-MOOC is being partly funded by JISC as part of a benefits realisation funding programme following successful completion of the Institutional approaches to Curriculum Design programme in July 2012. In addition, the project is receiving significant good-will support from many of the contributors. 

OLDS-MOOC related activity will be monitored, evaluated and reported for this benefits realisation project and associated work. You may have shared your name and email address with us when you registered. We store this information so that we can operate the Google discussion lists and contact you when we need to about the MOOC. We will never pass it on to anyone for marketing purposes. We will also capture your IP address, a number which identifies the computer you use to access the site. We store this in order to track usage of the site. We will not make your email address or IP address available to anyone outside the team, unless required to by law. We use Google Analytics on the site, which captures information about the use of the site, to help us monitor and improve it. None of the information captured by Google Analytics is personally-identifiable information - i.e., nothing that can identify you as an individual is stored. We will invite participants to respond to survey questionnaires, giveus feedback and to join an evalaution panel. The data captured will be used in the evaluation and reporting of the project to our funders and the wider academic community. If you wish to withdraw you answers to a survey, feedback form or interview please contact the OLDS MOOC project team (email below) within 2 months of the project ending. The findings of the evaluation and research will be made openly and publically available during and after the project end.

We have chosen to use an open, distributed learning platform; that is we have used a variety of different open platforms including Google+, Cloudworks, Slideshare and YouTube etc to support collaborative learning. The terms and conditions of these sites vary significantly, and it is your responsibility to check what these are and decide whether you agree to be bound by them.

Finally, although most of the materials and activities we have produced for the MOOC are available for reuse and remixing on a Creative Commons license, this site also contains proprietary materials which are owned by or licensed to us and which are not subject to any use by users without permission.  These materials include our logos and trading names (e.g. OU Logos, CLOUDWORKS logo etc). These proprietary materials are protected by intellectual property rights. Unauthorised use of these materials may constitute intellectual property infringement.

By participating in the OLDS-MOOC you are saying that you accept these conditions. If you have any questions about this page please contact the OLDS-MOOC support team support@olds.ac.uk