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OLDS MOOC Accessibility statement

The OLDS MOOC is an experimental free course exploring open pedagogy using freely available and open technologies. The technology choices that were made for OLDS MOOC mean that we face some challenges for accessibility.
  • The MOOC website template was developed in Google Sites.  It has been tested and is reasonably accessible, although there are some issues and improvements will be made as soon as possible.
  • The MOOC website includes embedded YouTube videos.  We expect screenreader users to be able to play these videos, but voice recognition users may need to use mouse commands to play them.
  • The videos do not have captions as standard, although some of the screencasts do have the text of the narration on-screen.  We are working to make presenters’ scripts or transcripts available.
  • The website includes images.  Some of these have short descriptions, but others do not yet have full descriptions.
  • The Cloudworks website was tested for accessibility in 2010 and a range of improvements were made.  Users with disabilities are expected to be able to access this site without difficulty. The Cloudworks accessibility statement is here: http://cloudworks.ac.uk/support/accessibility.
  • There are known accessibility issues with Google Apps (Hangouts, Docs and Calendar), particularly for users of assistive technologies, keyboard users, and users who require specific colour or font settings. Issues have been reported by the OU to Google over the last few years, and although some improvements have been made there are still some outstanding issues.
  • The accessibility status of Bibsonomy and Slideshare is not known at this time.

If you have a disability or impairment and have difficulty accessing any aspect of the MOOC content please contact Anne.Jelfs at open.ac.uk (replace 'at' with @) and we will take reasonable steps to find a solution for you.